Visitors Traffic That Clicks – On links, banners and more.

PerfecTraffic offers Click Traffic packages where you will get real visitors and a guaranteed percentage of click through rate (CTR). The origin of the traffic comes from PerfecTraffic’s network of websites and directories which guarantees only real visitors (no machines or bots) and real results.

Click Traffic is a perfect booster for CTR based performance networks such as Google Adsense as you can choose the CTR ratio (the visitor to click ratio) and you can also choose the secondary CTR ratio (a visitor makes a second click on a link on your website). Using Click Traffic will get you the best results for a call to action related campaigns, or if you are aiming for a good click through rate (CTR) for just about anything on your website.

All Clicks are real, they come from different IP addresses and will show you real results.

If you are ordering clicks for an adsense campaign, you should choose a lower CTR for the campaign so that it will look less suspicious. Usually a click traffic campaign has a very good ROI (return over investment) from adsense. Simply choose the quantity of traffic you desire and the click through rate [up to 30%] for your campaign as well as the target url to which you are interested to get the clicks to (your website) and we will take care of the rest.

Get real clicks with our click traffic packages below :

  • Click Traffic

  • Traffic with Clicks
  • Real Human Visitors
  • Unique IPs
  • Statistics
  • Fast Delivery
  • 100% Safe
  • Campaign Results
  • Money Back Guarantee

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