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Our mission is simple – provide the best traffic possible, at the best prices possible and to work hand in hand with our clients to optimize their results from all their traffic campaigns and services with us!

We will review both your site and campaign each time for free to double check both your website and campaign settings are set for the best ROI (“Return on Investment”) possible. If your website has an issue(s) affecting ROI we will tell you what they are, how to fix them and assist you. We will also work with you to optimize your campaign as it runs and we have both manual and automated ways to do this too.

We also have services available to optimize your campaign and analyze visitors in real time too and advise changes or issues affecting on your website as a whole, by page(s), by visitor, by country, city, and many other metrics so you get the best ROI possible from every visitor that visits your website.

At Perfectraffic we operate our own traffic network (over 50,000 sites) and partner with top traffic networks worldwide to provide a number of traffic services at every level – worldwide, country, state, and city in many different formats and categories – currently we can provide traffic to any region or country and all websites are allowed.

We also operate several website services specific for traffic generation including SEO, webpage/website analytics, tracking analytics, short URL tracking and onsite live tracking analytics and services such as website optimization and sales optimization – services are on a case by case basis.

We own and operate several web businesses and we have been in business for over 20 years…

* All Services are 100% Ironclad Risk Free Money Back Guaranteed *
All services have a 100% Ironclad Risk Free Money Back Guaranteed and we provide free support, including marketing and assistance to maximize your results from your campaign(s) at no charge.

* Bonus Included *
"How To Triple Your Conversions" - the exact guide to increase sales, opt-in, leads and conversions on all your websites - over 40 pages exclusive to Perfectraffic. Plus 100 Killer Headlines to further increase your conversions which works for all websites. This is included free with every order for a limited time. A $27 value.

We build and sell PC applications, web server applications (classifieds, replication, CMS), provide marketing services in many different forms (, manage hosting services (, operate 3 newsletters and several affiliate programs (over 30,000 members) as well as operate this site and many others. We also build custom applications and systems for clients worldwide on many different platforms including Perl, Php, WordPress, and others…

We are a federally and provincially incorporated business in the country of Canada and do business worldwide. We are listed with the BBB and other agencies. For complete company and corporate details please visit our main website:

Click Here … then click on “CORPORATE” and “FAQ” .

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