A High Alexa ranking is important for your business as it gives an estimation of your traffic and raises your website’s value.

Alexa is measured by using a toolbar or plugins installed on web browsers and every website visit will count towards improving its Alexa ranking. Alexa will gather all stats from users using the Alexa toolbar and estimate the Alexa ranking for your website using a formula which calculates the total amount of internet users globally.

PerfecTraffic provides the type of traffic that will help your Alexa ranking improve dramatically. We provide real users who will pay a visit to your website and increase your alexa ranking (or better said decrease it, as the lower your ranking the better).

Most of our clients saw dramatic improvements and are now ranked between the top 200,000 most viewed websites in the world!

So whether you are looking to sell advertising spots on your website, or sell your online business for a higher price by displaying a good Alexa rank, you are in the right place, the more Alexa traffic you buy the better your ranking gets!

Don’t forget – We provide only real users, this means that you will not only end up with a good Alexa ranking you will also benefit from possible sales and good performance.

Free Live Tracking Stats included with your package for instant and real time tracking of your campaign 24/7 included.

Simply choose the quantity of visitors for your campaign as well as the target url to which you are interested to improve the Alexa Rank for (your website) and we will take care of the rest and provide you with the best results we can.

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