premium traffic - us search engine visitor targeted traffic and us targeted traffic Premium Traffic – US Search Engine Visitor Targeted Traffic And US Targeted Traffic targeted traffic

Two US Traffic Sources in One : Premium US Targeted Search Traffic and Premium US Targeted Traffic

Perfectraffic’s US Premium Search Engine Targeted Package provides a variety of traffic from different sources for immediate, mid term and long term traffic growth. Over time this builds a massive and constant flow of visitors to your website that are ready to buy now. Combining all these different sources and methods of traffic ensures your success.

Direct Links to your website will appear on major search engine listings in front of US Visitors only in the category your choose. Each time a person clicks on your site link the visitor will be sent directly to your website.

This is DIRECT US visitors to your website only and only when they click on a link to your website in the category selected. You do not pay for “impressions” – only clicks. All clicks are trackable. This is high value premium US traffic direct from major search engines.

Plus we send US Premium Targeted Traffic (over 300 categories) from our networks too – at the same time giving your website a serious amount of US only Targeted Traffic.

Each visitor is US ONLY; they have SEARCHED for keyword[s] in your category and have seen a link to your website and clicked on this link. Likewise US targeted traffic by category will be US only traffic matched to your category(s) from our premium targeted traffic network. You get US Search Targeted Traffic AND US Category traffic too – all in one package.

For best results submit the direct product or category page when ordering and select the closest category match to your webpage . Free Live Tracking Stats included with your package for instant and real time tracking of your campaign 24/7 included.

Included Free with All “All in One US SEO Traffic Plans”:

In addition to US Seo Category Targeted Traffic monthly, the following is also included FREE:

  • 10000+ US Targeted Traffic Visitors per Month on our regular network too!
    – This is a $50+ per month value. This is in addition to your US SEO Traffic.
  • 5000+ Free Classifieds Blaster – which you can access online – a $60 per year value.
    – Submit unlimited number of ads daily to over 5000 free classifieds instantly and regularly.
  • 3000+ Articles, Directories, and Bookmark Submitter – which you can access online – a $120 per year value.
    – Submit unlimited number of websites and/or articles to increase traffic / links each and every month.
  • 500,000+ Search Engine Submitter – which you can access online – a $14.95 per month value.
    – Submit your website to search engines monthly ; includes tools to fine tune your website and seo rankings.
  • A custom website review to ensure your website’s earning potential is maximized – a $100 a month value.
    – A monthly review of your website’s campaign progress and recommendations.
  • 10 custom picked bonuses specific to your website’s niche to help you improve sales conversions – a $1000 value.
    – After your website’s review; we will send these direct to you. These are yours to keep forever.

All of these combine with monthly Search Engine US targeted traffic to build your site’s traffic flow over the short and long term – ensuring an endless supply of leads, traffic and sales for your websites. Each month you will get the same number of visitors – targeted traffic plus all of the above services working for you night and day to build your website’s long term success.

Each month your website’s progress and results will be reviewed and fine tuned if required – this includes targeted traffic, seo, submissions, website and more. Note that all packages on this page are tri-monthly (every 3 months) recurring and that you will have access to the above services and bonuses as long as your account remains active but the 10 “custom” bonuses are yours to keep forever free.

100% Guaranteed & Marketing Support: All services are 100% guaranteed or your money back and we provide free support, including marketing and assistance to maximize your ROI ("Return on Investment") on your campaign(s) at no charge.

Bonus Included: "How To Triple Your Conversions" - the exact guide to increase sales, opt-in, leads and conversions on all your websites - over 40 pages exclusive to Perfectraffic. Plus 100 Killer Headlines to further increase your conversions. This is included free with every order for a limited time because we want you to succeed with your marketing.

IMPORTANT: Prices below are for 3 months of service.
Example: The $99.95 service cost breaks down to $33.33 per month ; each term is 3 months ; you can cancel before the end of the term.

Please select one of the packages below – click on ORDER NOW (you can select options on the order page):

  • All In One SEO US Package

  • Targeted Traffic per Term [3 months]
  • Visitor Traffic (per month)
  • Total Traffic Per Day
  • Real Human Traffic / Unique IPs
  • Google Safe Traffic
  • Tracking Visibility
  • Guaranteed Results
  • Delivery Time - Recurring
  • Available Categories
  • Real Time Tracking
  • Total Visitors Received
  • Level 1

  • $99


  • 3000 SE + 30000 TT
  • 1000 + 10000
  • 360+ visitors
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • 90 Days
  • 30 - USA ONLY
  • included
  • 33000 US Visitors
  • Level 2

  • $249


  • 9000 SE + 45000 TT
  • 3000 + 15000
  • 600+ visitors
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • 90 Days
  • 30 - USA ONLY
  • included
  • 54000 US Visitors
  • Level 3

  • $397


  • 15000 SE + 60000 TT
  • 5000 + 20000
  • 830+ visitors
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • 90 Days
  • 30 - USA ONLY
  • included
  • 75000 US Visitors
  • Level 4

  • $599


  • 30000 SE + 90000 TT
  • 10000 + 30000
  • 1300+ visitors
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • 90 Days
  • 30 - USA ONLY
  • included
  • 120000 US Visitors
  • Level 5

  • $899


  • 45000 SE + 120000 TT
  • 15000 + 40000
  • 2000+ visitors
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • yes
  • 90 days
  • 30 - USA ONLY
  • included
  • 165000 US Visitors

LEGEND: “SE” = “Search Engine” Traffic from Search US Engines ;  “TT” = “Targeted Traffic” sent from our targeted US traffic networks.

Notes: You can cancel anytime ; there are no long term contracts.


How many months should I run a plan for optimal results?
– Recommended min 3 months, 6-12 months is best.

Can I upgrade my plan after ordering?
– Yes, absolutely.

Can I use a website url rotator?
– Yes.

Can I select a different delivery time?
– No , plans are tri-monthly only – you can cancel anytime .

Can I use an affiliate site? Clickbank? Amazon site? Blog? Capture page / squeeze page?
– Yes, any type of website is allowed .

Can I use a shortened url, affiliate url or tracking url?
– Yes, you can use any of these with your order. GOO.GL is a free one ; and easy to setup – this is by Google and includes real time stats.

What is the bounce rate [only viewing the first page/landing page of your site] of your traffic compared to Pay Per Click, Google Traffic and other SEO traffic?
– Our bounce rate is equel or less than this rate. On average 5% LOWER. The better your geo or category targeting ; the lower this rate will be.

Can I change my url, category or geo target AFTER my campaign starts?
– Yes, just contact us and we will change it. Note that URL changes are subject to re-review to ensure quality.

Do you provide tracking for my order?
– Yes, you can see your campaign stats in real time. If you want more specific stats we recommend a shorter url with “stats”.

How long will it take before my order begins?
– In less than 24 hours; after your website is reviewed. This review is required to ensure quality in the network and also to ensure the best geo and/or category target is used to get the best results. You will receive emails with your access information.

Need a custom plan?

Please contact us – click here

* Access to online panels for these will be setup within 24 hours of your order. There are NO additional charges for these services – they are part of your main order.

** This number does NOT include any other traffic from other services and systems associated with your order.