When you get right down to it, what your site needs are people who are interested in the product, service, or information that you offer. You need the best traffic, and it’s called targeted traffic.

First, you have to identify what you want to accomplish online. Is it brand awareness that you are after, or do you merely want to share content?

Do you want to boost your product sales, or do you want to increase your AdSense earnings?

Regardless of your goal, you need the right traffic to achieve it. Once you have identified your target traffic, the next thing you need to figure out is how to bring those visitors to your site.

To my knowledge, there are o two effective methods for getting the best traffic to your site: buy it or grow it.

Buying the Best Traffic

You can buy traffic the pay per click way, or you can buy it from a traffic wholesaler. The latter is the fastest way of getting the best traffic.

When using pay per click, you need to identify the targeted keywords to use.

If you don’t use the right keywords, you may end up paying for visitors you don’t need.

As for buying targeted traffic from traffic wholesalers, you indicate your business category or niche.

Your traffic provider will deliver targeted traffic relevant to your business.

The danger of using method is you might come up with traffic hucksters, who may trick you into paying for real traffic when what they have in store for you are “ghost” or cold leads.

Make sure to deal with legit targeted traffic wholesalers like Perfect Traffic to ensure you get real traffic from real visitors only.

Grow It

If you want to get the best traffic, you have to plants in the right locations. Growing traffic would require two things from you: time and effort.

Depending on where you plant your seeds, you will grow the following kinds of traffic:

•    Organic Search Traffic:

Growing methods you may use include SEO and backlinking. What these methods can do is get your site on top of search results, so your site gets more visibility.

•    Social bookmarking traffic:

If your goal is to get people to your site to read your content, then Digg or Delicious is for you. If your goal is to sell products, social bookmarking is not your best traffic source. People here are content readers, not buyers.

•    Social media traffic:

Facebook and Twitter may not be the best place for getting buyers, but they allow you to establish a following.

Once you have established yourself, turning followers to buyers is easier.

You can use social media to update readers about your latest products, promos, etc.

Whether you buy or grow it, what’s important is you know what you want and how to get it.