Gone are the days when mobile phones were nothing more than tools for placing or receiving calls.

Today’s phones can be used to record videos, take pictures, and, yes, access the web.

It’s the ultra portability of mobile phones combined with increased capability for computing that led to more and more owners to use it for accessing web-based information.

It’s powered on all the time, making it easier to use than a laptop or a tablet mainly for people on the go.

Feeling hungry? –

Just whip out your iPhone to find out the nearest restaurant near you. Want to know the movie’s playing in local theaters?

There’s your phone for that.

With the rise of mobile internet use, businesses can no longer deny the great difference mobile internet presence can bring to their market.

This new environment presents plenty of opportunities for attracting the best mobile traffic to one’s site as well as new requirements for understanding mobile behavior.

The limitations of mobile users have shaped the way mobile users search for information on the web.

The screen is small.

Typing in search terms is laborious and meticulous.

Thus, the way people look up for information is significantly different.

If you want to know how well your mobile site is performing, you should take advantage of the best mobile traffic analytics tools to keep track of your traffic stats.

Benefits of Using the Best Mobile Traffic Analytics   

You want the accuracy of information.

It’s crucial.

Without the right data, it’s easy to get lost.

If you want your mobile site to succeed, you need to be on the right track.

That’s what the best mobile traffic analysis tools do – puts you in the right track.

They provide crucial information, including:

•    Total number of visits
•    The average amount of time people spent on site
•    Total number of unique visits
•    The mobile devices used to reach your site
•    The pages they landed on
•    Referring sites

Interpreting Numbers

Mobile site owners should treat their traffic stats like day-traders the Dow –faithfully and with regularity.

Like day-traders, you should go beyond identifying numbers and what they mean in the context of your marketing strategies.

What keywords do they use?

Remember that mobile users use shorter keywords than desktop users. Is your site optimized to these target keywords?

Studies show that 80% of mobile users use Google Mobile for searches. Is this true for your site as well?

How about the length people stay on your site?

If too short, perhaps the information you’re offering is not exciting or engaging.

Maybe the pages load too slow.

Interpretation allows you to determine which areas in your mobile site need improvement, and which ones you need to strengthen.

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