Finally, your website is ready. It looks stunning. The content reads great, and the products are ready for the buying. What you’re missing is also the most important ingredient to online business success: traffic. When it comes to getting site traffic: You can do it the long yet cost-free way, or you can give your business a great leap ahead with guaranteed and targeted traffic.

There are pros and cons to both, but you should know there’s a good reason why many web marketers opt to spend on advertising. They’re effective!

Buying Traffic

“Is buying traffic legal?” is one of the most frequently asked questions by web marketers. There are so many myths clouding site traffic buying that cause some web marketers to hesitate in using paid advertising methods.

You should know that you have nothing to worry about. Paying for traffic is a well-accepted and legal marketing practice. Here are two popular sources for buying traffic:

•    Wholesale traffic. This is the best way to jump start your online business. Buy traffic from reputable traffic companies such as Perfect Traffic guarantee you a defined number of visitors at wholesale prices.

•    Pay per Click. With PPC, you go into agreement with a search engine (Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc.). The agreement is typically this: You pay the search engine for every visitor that is directed to your site through their ad.

Buying Traffic From Wholesalers

Traffic wholesalers generally offer two types of traffic:

•    Targeted. This is any web marketer’s dream visitors – they are more likely to convert than any other type of traffic. That also explains why targeted traffic is more expensive. Targeted traffic is broken down into niches or categories; choose a category relevant to your business.

•    Non-targeted. Though cheaper, I don’t recommend buying this type of traffic. It’s an anything goes kind of traffic. Trying to sell to non-targeted traffic is like selling winter coats to desert people.

Regardless of the kind of traffic, you have to make sure that what you’re getting are real people. In this case, you need to approach wholesalers with a little caution. Learn what methods they use to drive traffic to your site. You should be wary especially of wholesalers that “popup” and “popunder”.  Most search engines today have pop-up blocker in place, so this kind of traffic generation method rarely works anymore.

Another method to watch out for is program generated traffic. This is a scam. This makes it look like you’re getting visitors when you’re not getting any at all.

See to it that what you’ll get is real traffic. Perfect Traffic, one of the leading traffic wholesalers, gets traffic from expired domains to ensure you get real visitors.

The safe practice is to buy traffic in small amounts first. If you see that you’re getting real traffic, that’s when you start augmenting your purchase volume.

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