Mobile traffic targets consumers who use their smart phones, iPads or Tablets more than they use their laptops or personal computers. Statistics have shown that the web traffic in mobile phones increased by 35 per cent in July 2011 according to Chikita. In the United States, 20 per cent of web traffic comes from mobile users. Of that figure, 65 per cent of mobile traffic is created by Apple iOS. This means that more and more consumers are shopping online from their smart phones or tablets. Web sites that understood the importance of web traffic have done their efforts in creating applications designed for mobile users. This means that online marketers reach out to mobile users by providing the applications which allow mobile users to browse their web sites from smart phones or tablets.

Of course, the web traffic is different from mobile traffic. Just like targeted web traffic, many web sites also buy mobile traffic to improve the visibility of web sites on search results which appear as they do on the screens of smart mobile phones and tablets. When you buy mobile traffic, the traffic is guaranteed to have come from real people who browse web sites from their smart phones or tablets.

Before you buy mobile traffic, however, you need to revamp your web site in order to be mobile-friendly or compatible with mobile browsing. Mobile visitors are similar to any regular web visitors, only that, the browsing is done on a different platform.

Mobile Traffic as Part of Mobile Marketing

When you buy traffic for mobile, your objective is to improve your mobile marketing. If you have the patience, you can personally work on the mobile marketing strategies like sending SMS, sign up to Mobile Pay Per Click, create and design free applications for downloads or mailing list. But these strategies while efficient, will take time to generate results. If you are a very busy businessman, you may want to buy mobile traffic. Buying mobile traffic is the best and quickest way to create the mobile traffic for your web site.

Buy Mobile Traffic from Perfect Traffic

Mobile traffic is just among the specialties of Perfect Traffic. The traffic created by Perfect Traffic is from real humans. In mobile traffic, only real mobile users are included to flock into your web site. When you buy mobile traffic from Perfect Traffic, you get the following benefits:

•    Fast delivery
•    Unique IPs
•    Real human visitors
•    Statistics
•    Campaign results
•    100 per cent safe
•    Money back guarantee

Perfect Traffic offers four packages, all of which have the above benefits. The only difference is the number of human visitors bought. Perfect Traffic also offers targeted adult traffic and social media traffic.