Exactly how Google Updates Have Altered SEO

Exactly how Google Updates Have Altered SEO

Prior to the release of the latest sets of updates by Google, all one simply had to do to be ranked high in search results was to utilize SEO.

There are many different SEO techniques, but the primary goal behind them is the same, be featured as close to the top of page one as possible.

Another benefit of using search engine optimization techniques was to drive traffic to an individual or business website. As Google continues to evolve, today’s world of SEO continues to change.

But rather than seeing this as an end to SEO, website owners should view these changes as a new tool they can use in business reputation management.

Since the Panda and Penguin updates have been released by Google, the algorithms that search engine uses to provide results to online searchers have changed.

Rather than simply looking at how many keywords and links a website has to determine their ranking, the new updates now penalize websites for over using these two previously positive methods.

Before these updates were released, websites were rewarded with top rankings for flooding their pages with keywords and links, now these practices are greatly frowned upon by Google and sites that were once featured on the first page of results have now dropped.

Google is now focusing on rewarding websites that feature original, legitimate content that is original.

The content should attract the attention of the reader and be well-written, informative and enjoyable.

This is the type of content that is regularly shared among friends or posted to social media websites where it has the potential to be shared among millions of users.

It is this ability to be shared that Google is now including shares, views and replies as determining factors in which websites and content are featured in their top results.

Websites who continue to ignore these new guidelines and ranking criteria will continue to be punished and placed lower and lower among search results.

If you are a website owner and are unsure of how to achieve the top search results that you may have once had, you should not view these new updates as an obstacle; instead, you should view it as an opportunity to create a website that will provide visitors with high quality content.

The new content that you include on your website does not only need to consist of text, it can also include images, video and the highly popular infographic.

If you publish this type of content on your website, you will be recognized by Google and rewarded with high rankings.

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