Free Website Traffic – 4 Easy Generation Methods

free website traffic free website traffic - free website traffic - Free Website Traffic – 4 Easy Generation MethodsFree Website Traffic – 4 Easy Generation Methods: Without any doubt, the one thing that will determine the success of any online business venture is your ability to drive traffic to your website and therefore to your products and services.

The equation is simple no traffic, no sales.

Many just starting out in the big wide world of Internet marketing simply don’t know how to send traffic to their offers.

I am going to explain how you can send traffic to your web page, squeeze page or sales page using just four different free website traffic techniques.

You will be delighted to know that these methods are all free.

Free Website Traffic #1 – Start a Blog (wordpress):

A blog is a great way to attract traffic is to become an active blogger.

You will need to post good content in your posts and you will need to post regularly.

I recommend that you host your blog on your own domain name and that the domain name should be your own name or a variant of it.

Doing this you will begin to use your name as a brand.

Not only should you make posts on your own blog, but I suggest that you find other blogs operated by marketers in your niche and comment on their posts.

Don’t make the mistake of saying just, “Great post”.

A good comment adds value to the post, even if you are disagreeing with the writer.

When you comment leave your website and e-mail address in the resource box as you submit your comment.

Search engines notice that you are linking to other sites from within your blog as well as other sites linking back to yours and your ranking improves.

As your ranking improves you will attract more traffic simply because visitors can find you.

Free Website Traffic #2 – Article Marketing:

This involves writing 400-600 word articles about your chosen niche and submitting them to article directories.

This is much easier than it sounds so don’t be put off by the thought of it as it is one of the best generating free website traffic methods but not the quickest.

This may not be the fastest way to draw free traffic but good articles will continue to attract visitors for years.

Let me make a couple of important points here:

  • Make sure that your articles are original. By that I mean don’t just find some PLR material and submit that.
  • Write your own articles.
  • If the article you submit is not original it will not be published.

You are trying to establish your name as someone who is an expert in your chosen niche so be the expert.

The other thing I would say about submitting articles is simply to make sure that you give good content.

Your intention is to attract visitors to your website by impressing them with your articles so make sure that you serve them up some good quality information and don’t forget to submit your name and website address in the resource box along with your article.

Free Website Traffic #3 – Search Engine Optimization:

By using keywords and phrases in your blog posts and articles you will help the search engines define your site.

As people search for those keywords and phrases your website will be one that is listed in answer to that search.

A word of warning here: Don’t overdo it!

By stuffing your content with keywords you will actually hurt your rankings with the search engines and possibly find your site banned – not what you want when using generating free website traffic methods.

Be natural and remember that the quality of your content is actually more important than any keyword.

If a visitor comes to your site after finding you on a search engine and, on arrival, finds little more than a list of keywords I can assure you they won’t stay long.

Content is and always will be king.

Free Website Traffic #4 – Post Videos on YouTube:

YouTube is a potential source of traffic and you can attract visitors to your website simply by posting videos.

Again provide quality content in the videos that are applicable to your niche and in so doing you can convince the viewer that you know what you are talking about and therefore your site might be worth visiting.

Your videos might be screen capture videos showing how to do a specific task as an example.

There are many other ways of attracting visitors to your website and many of them are free…

For example, you could get involved in giveaway events or ad swaps.

My point is simply this it is a simple task generating Free Website Traffic to your website and it does not have to be expensive (time wise) or hard.

None of these Free Website Traffic methods, nor indeed any other I know, will drive thousands of people to your website tomorrow with the exception of buying visitors directly.

It will take time but you might be surprised at how little.

It just takes time and persistence to get traffic using Free Website Traffic methods.

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