How to Use Articles to Get Traffic to Your Site

The ultimate goal for any webmaster is to attract as many internet visitors to their website. Just think of it has a huge mall with millions of stores in it. You would have all those stores competing to get the attention of the people walking around just looking at the windows of a few stores, but very few actually go inside any of those stores. It works the exact same way with the internet. The more attractive your initial display is, the more chances of having people go into your website.

Think of articles as scout agents that are assigned to go out there and attract customers into your website. You create these articles with as much quality of content as you can, so that they can be picked up by web crawlers and shown in search results. The more quality articles you have out there, the more chances one of them will be on display when someone types the search phrases that relate to your content.

Let’s say someone goes on the internet looking for a new Smartphone they want to buy. They will most likely go to Google or their favorite search engine and type the name and model of the phone they want. This means that if your website is about Smartphone’s or general technology, you will show up on the search results if you have created quality content with those keywords in it.

This is why it’s so important to create good quality SEO articles for your website and make sure they have all the keywords that might drive people to your website. Quality and quantity are just as important in this case. The more content you have out there, the more chances that some of it will be picked up by web visitors that searched for your particular content.

Make sure each article has a good set of images to go with it. The web crawlers will always pick up on articles that have more content and also graphics. This greatly improves the quality of the publication and makes your article good candidate for search results. Also make sure that each blog is at least 300 words long, but the recommended length for a decent article is at least 500 to 600 words.

Now you probably understand why quantity matters just as much as quality does. It would be just like giving a hundred flyers for one guy to hand them out, or sending a hundred guys out there, each with their own set of flyers. Your articles are the people you are sending out to promote your website and the content of each article is the flyers. You will always get more traffic is you work hard on producing more content. It really is that simple, but creating all that quality content is hard work. This is what separated the truly successful website owners from those that are left behind in the millions of websites that are currently on the internet.

Also make sure that you build as many backlinks as you can. You can do this with links to different articles depending on the situation you find yourself in. If you go into a blog and they are talking about a certain product or topic, you can look for which one of your articles would be more suited to be linked as a casual recommendation to contribute. This is a good way to build backlinks and not seem like you’re spamming. The point is that if you get a chance to promote your own articles you should take it.

So start working hard now to get that quality content out there!

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