Online Marketing – 7 Tested Cost-free Procedures

free website traffic online marketing - 7 tested cost-free procedures - free website traffic 150x150 - Online Marketing – 7 Tested Cost-free ProceduresMarketing online consists of employing as many techniques as possible in order to drive traffic to your website or blog. In this instance traffic simply means the number of visitors you can attract…

Before I list some of the methods that I use in my online marketing I should point out that not all traffic is equal, you need relevant web traffic, often referred to as targeted.

For example, if you had a website selling various products in the gardening market it would probably be a waste of time and effort to get people to visit your site who were interested in information about archery.

That is a fairly extreme example but I trust that it illustrates my point.

When marketing online, these are the seven free methods I use to get traffic to my sites:

1. Article marketing

You are reading an article that I have written and submitted to this article directory.

You will find links to sites that I own.

The more this article is read and perhaps used on various websites the more likely it is that I will get links back to my site.

This should generate traffic as well as helping with my web page’s ranking in the search engines.

2. Video

To a large extent the web is a video based medium.

I make short videos that do not directly sell anything but instead provide genuinely helpful information applicable to the niche in which I operate.

Again there are links beneath these videos back to my websites.

Everyone is familiar with YouTube however there are more video hosting services out there that can generate lots of targeted traffic.

3. Forum and blog posts

You can visit and register with forums and blogs within your niche then make comments or, even better, answer questions.

The purpose of this is to gain a reputation as someone who is both knowledgeable and willing to help others.

Most forum and blogs will allow you after making a few posts to include a link within your signature back to your site.

4. Content distribution

After establishing contact with the owner of a website or blog, within your niche, you could offer to write an article that will be exclusive to them that they may publish on their site.

Site owners are constantly looking for fresh, original content so if you are able to produce an article of reasonable quality they could be very appreciative of you offer.

A link back to your site from a prominent website within your market can produce lots of highly relevant traffic.

5. Email signature

Every time you send out an email why not have a link under your name, at the foot of the message, back to your site?

6. Offline

Most online marketers ignore the offline world when it comes to advertising.

Imagine the impact on your business of an article published in a local or national newspaper or magazine, the traffic created could be counted in the thousands.

7. Your name

Strictly speaking this method is not completely free in that you have to buy a domain name however, as I’m sure you know, domains are very cheap to buy.

The domain would be your name, preferably as

I cannot explain here how to set up a ‘forwarder’ but it is a simple process.

Someone typing in your would be instantly redirected to the website that you really want them to visit.

Most people find it easier to remember your name rather than a website address.

If you have a fairly common name that is not available then add a simple suffix, for example online, on the web, on the internet, on the net etc.

Marketing online need not be an expensive or difficult process.

PS: You should check out our section “Tracking Your Visitors” so you can follow / trace back results from all these types of marketing. Tracking Your Visitors is the key to your online success.

See you in cyberspace.
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