10 Quick Traffic And Conversion Tips

10 Quick Traffic And Conversion Tips

Below are 10 quick and easy tips to assist with traffic generation and conversion of this traffic. Some of these tips will also cover additional revenue generation for the long term too.

Get paid – without sales

Promote products of affiliate networks and get paid.

Make sure that sometimes even when visitors don’t purchase, but fill up forms, take surveys or download free samples or softwares, you get paid.

Build a List

It is vital to follow up on every prospective customer who visits your website.

Try and get them to subscribe to a monthly or weekly newsletter.

Keep them involved, for they’ll all be valuable.

Targeted Traffic Driving

Don’t go ballistic trying to buy all traffic in order to drive them towards your site.

Instead rely on targeted traffic driving by imagining yourself as a potential customer.

Position links well

Positioning of ads is a key issue for programs like Adsense.

Ads positioned in the so called hotspots of the page like the top of a left hand side bar – or inside content – or at the end of posts above comments section always work wonders.

Clutter free diversification

Don’t make your blog look cluttered with links to affiliate programs strewn around all over.

This could dilute the effectiveness of each of these links.

Instead opt for a moderate number of links but of wide ranging products.

Don’t try to fool your readers

Despite the fierce competition be honest in your dealings.

Make sure that your readers know what type of links they are clicking on and with what consequences.

Look for alternate revenue streams too

Affiliate links and advertisements are not the sole means of generating revenue for your website.

In fact some people stay away from affiliate linking because they tend to divert attention from the Adsense ads.

Use tools effectively

Keep yourself well informed about the developments in the affiliate marketing sector, by reading ezines and blogs.

Newer techniques are being introduced daily, to use the internet to generate more money.

Select your target audience first

First identify who are the people you would like to sell your product to.

Start on the basic premise of identifying potential customers before actually selling your product.

How to approach your target audience

Figure out ways of attracting their attention and presenting your product before them.

This has to happen by knowing your target audience and their habits well.

Do not first invest in constructing a website and then trying to figure out how to get your audience to visit the website.

Know your audience well and then construct the site.

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