Web marketers follow their real traffic stats with religious ardor much like Wall Street traders the Dow.  It’s that important.

This need for real traffic is what drives some tech guys to come up with solutions that could help web marketers get their target number of visitors without spending an obscene amount of money. Before you rejoice at the prospect of getting thousands of visitors with minimal effort though, you should know that like any traffic generation method buying real traffic has its pros and cons.

Pros of Buying Real Traffic

Many websites, particularly blogs, draw revenue from advertising programs such as Google AdSense. If you have a well-established online presence, monetizing your site is a great way to earn solid Internet money. For some site owners, revenues from ads serve as their second income stream. For many others, it’s their main source of Internet money.

Depending on the ad program in place, you may either earn income for every visitor click on an ad or for every page impression your site. This is why many site owners find buying real traffic investment-worthy.

For just a few dollars (going rate is $1.5 — $4 per 1000 visitors), you can get targeted traffic to your site to boost your AdSense earnings as well as your Alexa ranking. It could also boost your conversion rate and help you earn sales.

There’s another way of buying real traffic, and that’s through Google AdSense or similar ad programs. As everybody knows, however, prime traffic from these sources will cost $0.50 to $7 a click, depending on whether the keyword you bid on is highly competitive or not.

If you’re just a small business owner with barely-there resources for advertising, buying wholesale traffic presents opportunities for plenty of cheap and instant traffic.

The Cons

Ghost visitors can be a big problem, but it can really be avoided if you know who you’re dealing with. Find out as much as you can about the traffic vendor you’re dealing with. There are plenty of fraudulent site traffic vendors among legitimate ones, so you should approach the system with great caution.

Choosing a Site Traffic Provider

In your search for the best source of real traffic, there are some things you need to review:

•    Traffic quality:
How old is the traffic you’re going to get? You want fresh leads, not stale ones.

•    Unique traffic:
The visitors that you buy are usually delivered in increments. For instance, you buy a thousand visitors, with a delivery schedule of 250 visitors per week. You want to make sure you get new unique visitors week after week not just a re-delivery of your last week’s visitors.

•    Real traffic:
Some vendors uses programs that make it look like you have received hits when you have nothing.

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