Traffic is the most important ingredient for online success. You can have the most beautifully designed website in the world. However, if it rarely gets any traffic, your website doesn’t really serve whatever purpose you built it for.

For sites selling product, traffic means sales. For sites whose main revenue comes from ads, it means ad money.  It’s easy to imagine what it means when you have no traffic.

If your SEO efforts are not producing any results, there are many traffic service providers who can help you boost your real website traffic stats.

You want to do some research before committing to any company. What you’re after is not just any traffic, but visitors who are likely to convert to customers.  In other words, you want targeted and real website traffic. Some factors to consider:

•    Reputation. You want to make sure you’re dealing with a legitimate site with a proven track record of delivering real website traffic. Read actual customer reviews of the company to find out their personal experience with the provider.

•    Number of years in the industry. The longer the company is in the industry, the more time it has to build its network. This requirement is particularly crucial if your product is unique.

•    Quality of traffic. You want fresh leads, not two-week old leads. You want real website traffic, not “ghost” visitors or automated hits generated by some software. This is important because real website traffic is what leads to conversion and sales.

•    Legitimate advertising methods. Avoid companies that use spamming techniques. Many Internet users feel strongly against spamming, and this can hurt your reputation if they know you are spamming them.

•    Advertising methods. Find out how they generate traffic. Legitimate companies reveal some of their advertising methods.

•    Wholesaler vs. reseller. With resellers, you’re not guaranteed fresh, quality, or real web traffic. Deal with actual sources only, the wholesalers.

•    Range of niches. Find out if the service provider has real web traffic for your niche. If you’re offering printing services to Americans, you want an American traffic, not visitors from Japan.

•    Cost. Is the company offering reasonable prices for their services? How does the price compare to competition?

•    Guarantee. The best traffic providers offer product guarantee. If you don’t receive real web traffic, increase your conversion rate, or boost your Alexa ranking, they’ll give your money back. It should be clear at the outset what your terms are, and the guarantee should protect your investment in case the traffic provider fails to meet the terms.

If you’re looking for a reputable provider of real traffic, read actual user reviews of the company. One of the most highly rated providers on the market is Perfect Traffic. With Perfect Traffic, you are guaranteed authentic and fresh real site traffic for affordable wholesale prices.