Every computer has a unique IP address, acting like some sort of online fingerprint. When you visit a site, the system records it as one unique visitor. Every unique visitor is counted only once, no matter how many site pages they visit or no matter how many times they re-visit your site.

They are different – and more valuable – than hits. Hits refer to number of downloaded files (e.g. image, content), and therefore an unreliable source of information regarding the number of visitors you’re really getting each day. If you get 1000 hits and only 10 unique visitors each day, that’s nothing to rejoice about.

If you have the budget, buying unique site traffic is the best way to get unique visitors to your site. It’s fast, easy, and effective. You are guaranteed a defined number of visitors based on the amount you are willing to invest. Usually, the visitors will be delivered in increments and according to your defined delivery schedule. If you don’t know where to start, check out Perfect Traffic. One of the most reliable sources of unique targeted traffic on the web, Perfect Traffic has some of the most attractive prices for wholesale traffic.

If you don’t have the budget but have the time or energy to spend, here are two cost-free strategies you can use.

Link It

High page rank gets you in front of search engine users. The more visible you are, the better your chances of getting high volume of unique traffic. Make it to the front lines, and you can make your website a daily destination for unique traffic.

Acquiring high page rank would require you to play by the search engine’s rules. Most web owners know about the importance of keywords, but some are not aware that outbound links and backlinks can get you the nod of search engines. The bigger the net you spread, the more fish you can haul in, so plant links wherever you can. Great places where you can plant links include:

•    Article directories such as Helium, Squidoo, and Yahoo Contributor
•    Guest blog posts
•    Participating in forums

Ping It

Why wait for search engine bots to come and crawl your website when you can alert them to it? Pinging anything from new blog post to eZine articles to new web content ensures that any new page you publish is indexed by search engines. This ensures that your article will appear in a search. Some Ping services you can use are Ping-O-Matic, AutoPinger, and My Page Rank.

Getting unique traffic to your website is only half of the battle to online success. What you do once your visitor is already onsite is also crucial. How do you entice your unique traffic to revisit your site?